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The rates presented below are in addition to the rental price of the San Francisco or Malibu bungalow or the San Diego apartment. Contact me for availability. 

The immersion stay can be for you alone or shared with another person, provided that your levels of French comprehension are equivalent so that you can progress significantly. Throughout the week, you will have a minimum of 35 hours of exchanges in French with me (and my husband - if he takes his meals at the same time as us).

One single person: 1,410 euros

Second person: 540 euros

All meal costs and activities proposed above are included as well as local trips by bus or car up to 50 km during the day.

For the excursions, remain at your expense: your own meal costs, train tickets, museum/exhibition entrance fees, parking fees and 50 cents / km beyond 50 km per excursion (unlimited if we use your own vehicle ).

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