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French instructor for many years, I have taught adults and students from high school and universities - from complete beginners to nearly bilingual. You can access native French instruction from wherever you are – America, Europe or Asia.

More recently, I have started using a different approach  based on a combination of phone and computer. This allows me to collaborate in real time with students, who are increasingly accustomed to learning online. 

Visio from your phone (FaceTime, Messenger or Whatsapp) allows students  to see facial expressions and to focus on pronunciation while we work on a shared document.)

The lessons become your course documentation; the material we view during our sessions is shared live via GoogleDocs. This allows you to read along as you take in your new interesting vocabulary. This doubles as "subtitles” in French. 

You can then also use these visual learning aids to study on your own. You may be assigned verb conjugation tables  and various grammar exercises or a short essay as  "homework" until your next lesson.

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