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277 Chemin du Vieux Colombier - La Garde

You will arrive on Sunday afternoon after 5 p.m. I'll pick you up at the Toulon train station. After you get settled in, we will have dinner together. If you arrive by car, you can park on site.

On Monday, morning we will assess your oral level and define the schedule for the week with you - choice of activities / excursions and grammar points to work on.

According to your preferences, you will take between 0 to 15 hours of formal lessons during the week and pick and choose your practical or fun and cultural activities from a list. 

Day outings can be switched to hald-day outings to allow more time for formal classes.

All days start with breakfast between 8 and 9am, followed by classes or activities. We will then fix lunch together in French. 

In your free time, you are welcome to lounge by the pool, borrow a bike or (dramatic pause....) do French homework!

On Saturday morning, I'll take you to the Toulon train station after breakfast.

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