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Beatrice brings years of Teaching Experience to the Table

Pascale T . USA, CA - June 2022

Owner -  Bay Area French Tutor

I have been referring students to Beatrice for several years. Beatrice brings years of teaching experience to the table; she tailors her classes to the goals of her students by using her own material, as well as materials from a variety of Francophone sources. Beatrice does not just teach the language; she complements the more daunting aspects of learning (e.g., conjugations or tense agreement) with lighter elements such as culture and social customs. Beatrice is patient and adapts to the learning rhythm and to the needs of each of her students. All of them are absolutely delighted with her as a teacher of French and as a person. I highly recommend Beatrice to anyone looking to learn French, whatever their goal for wanting to learn the language may be!


Her humor and Patience make lessons enjoyable!

Katie T. USA, CA - May 2022

I highly recommend Beatrice to anyone wanting to learn or improve their French language skills. Her ability to shape lessons based on the needs of the student, humor, and patience make lessons enjoyable.. Beatrice takes the time to answer my questions and makes connections to help build my understanding of the language. The materials she uses and the order in which she presents concepts have helped me to learn not only how to speak French but also properly write and read in French as well. I began lessons to be able to communicate with my husband’s family. I am happy with the progress I’ve made and I am confident I will be able to have meaningful conversations the next time we visit France. Thank you, Beatrice!

Well versed in Grammar and Idioms!

Elizabeth H. USA, CA - June 2022

Beatrice has been my French tutor for more than 2 years and during this time she has proven to be not only well versed in French grammar and its use, but also in the origin of French words and their idioms.  Additionally, Beatrice draws on a variety of different teaching methods, mixing French grammar lessons and drills, French conversation and reading exercises in her tutor sessions.  All of this is delivered with good humor and lots of patience.  I highly recommend Beatrice as a French tutor and give her the maximum number of stars available

Her excellent command of American English helps me understand French idioms.

Jim F. USA - MA - July 2023


Online French lessons with Béatrice are friendly, fun and interactive in a way that no book or app could be. When we began working together, she quickly adapted her teaching approach to my interests and level of French. Lesson activities are diverse: for example, we converse spontaneously in French, we work through a chapter of a grammar workbook, we exchange jokes, I read out loud to practice my pronunciation, she answers my grammar and usage questions, or we edit a story, a business letter or any other piece I wrote in French. Béatrice is a trusted guide to French culture, history, customs, cinema, music, politics and of course language. Her advice on usage is invaluable: the intangibles like "It's grammatically correct, but French people would put it this way..." Her excellent command of idiomatic American English helps me understand French idioms in a way that books and websites don't. Above all, Beatrice is kind in making corrections and I end each lesson feeling successful and looking forward to the next one.


I learned whatwas important to me!

Amy R.. - Sep 2022 - USA

I worked with Beatrice during the Covid period.  I didn't know a word of French when we started. It's amazing how much I've learned in a year.  I really appreciated that it didn't have a preformatted course.  It was my questions and my interests that formed the framework of my learning.  This was much more interesting for me because I learned what was of personal interest and which would not have been important for other people (in particular how to talk about fashion, jewelry because that's my job).  Beatrice has a fabulous personality and is a great teacher. I totally recommend it


A positive and encouraging teacher!

Rhiannon B. - Dec. 2022 - Canada

I met Beatrice in 2019 while living in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the time, I was planning to spend time in Montreal and France and wanted to develop some basic French skills. With the Covid epidemic, I suddenly and indefinitely found myself living in Montreal earlier than expected. Through the chaos and uncertainty of the pandemic, a big move with my husband, and my sudden need to get by in a French-speaking city, Béatrice continued to teach me remotely and flexibly. She always made our sessions very relevant to my goals and my daily life. Even though I often doubted my own language abilities, she always encouraged and motivated me to surpass myself, by showing me the progress I was making. I recommend her without reservation to anyone looking for French lessons at all levels. Her knowledge of language and culture, her educational resources and her individual approach make her an ideal teacher.


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